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Neighbors on edge after family’s home shot into overnight

Police are investigating a shooting on Carlisle Avenue, during which they say a family's home was shot into 18 times.

Man accused of riding bike under the influence

A man police say was riding a bicycle under the influence, crashed into a pawn shop window in Middlesboro Friday.
Shooting Graphic, Police

LPD: Man wounded in shooting at apartment complex

Lexington Police say a man was shot in the leg in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Market Garden Lane late Wednesday afternoon.

Versailles Police investigating Arby’s break-in

Versailles Police say two people broke-in through a drive-thru window of the Arby’s off of Lexington Road Wednesday morning.
School bus

LPD: School bus window shot by pellet gun with students onboard

Lexington Police say someone used a pellet gun to shoot a passenger window of a Fayette County Public School bus as students were getting off the bus Wednesday afternoon.
Fayette County Public Schools

FCPS urges families to complete surveys before deadline

The final opportunity for families to submit results in an FCPS survey is rapidly approaching, with the window of opportunity closing at midnight on Tuesday.

Escapee captured trying to scale downtown building

An escapee was captured trying to scale the wall of a downtown building in Lexington on Tuesday, according to the Office of Fayette County Sheriff.

LPD: Accused Shoplifter Kicks Out Cruiser Window

A man accused of shoplifting didn't do himself any favors after kicking out the window of a cruiser.

LPD: Burglar Caught Crawling Out of Window

Officers answered a burglary call at a home and say they spotted Christopher Williams crawling out of the window of the home.

Winchester daycare burglarized

Winchester Police are looking for whoever burglarized the Flutterby Discovery Center daycare over the weekend.
gun police armed robbery

Police searching for man who tried to rob woman in Kroger parking lot

Lexington Police are searching for a man who they say tried to rob a woman at gunpoint while she was sitting in her car in the Kroger parking lot at Tates Creek Centre.

Police: Burglar crawls through window on Marcellus Drive

Police say a man crawled in through a window in the back of her home on Marcellus Drive just after 1 a.m.

Shots fired into apartment while child inside

Police say three shots were fired into a Lexington apartment early Thursday morning.
Grant Drive Home Shot

Lexington PD: Bullet Shot Through Home Window, Lodged in Wall

Lexington police are investigating a shooting that happened around 3 Saturday afternoon on Grant Drive.
Jason Cole

Man in Richmond Charged with Stalking and Assault

A tip about a domestic disturbance led to an arrest of a husband who allegedly broke a Domestic Violence Order and then tried to break his wife's car window after following her, according to Richmond police.
Ricardo Gutierrez

Officers: Rape Suspect Kicked Out Window Of Lexington PD Cruiser

A man accused of raping a woman after entering her apartment is also being charged after allegedly kicking out a police cruiser window.
Squeegee Pet Hair

Getting Pet Hair Out Of Carpeting

Do you always find yourself picking pet hair off of your carpet and never getting it all?
Bank of Lexington

Bullet Holes Found On Window Of Bank Of Lexington

Employees at the Bank of Lexington found bullet holes in their front window on Tuesday morning.
Bank of Lexington

Bullet Holes Found On Window Of Bank Of Lexington

Employees at the Bank of Lexington found bullet holes in their front window on Tuesday morning.

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