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Defeated Kentucky lawmaker sues Republican primary opponent

A state lawmaker from Richmond claims the campaign of the woman who beat him in a Republican primary sent out untrue mailers and video.
Rep. Jeff Hoover

UPDATE: GOP lawmaker wants to expel former House speaker

A Republican lawmaker in Kentucky has filed a resolution to expel the former speaker of the House for inappropriate behavior with a woman in his office.

UPDATE: Lawmaker disputes GOP caucus support for speaker

A Republican lawmaker says the state's House speaker does not have the full support of the GOP caucus after a report that he settled a sexual harassment claim with one of his staffers.
Ky State Capitol

Ky. bill to protect drivers who accidentally hit protesters

A Republican lawmaker in Kentucky has filed legislation that would ban protesters from blocking the streets without a permit and shield drivers who unintentionally hit them from criminal and civil penalties.

State lawmaker accused of breaking a law he tried to change

A Republican state lawmaker has been charged with breaking a law that he tried to change during the legislative session.
Alcohol Sales

Booze bill raises ethics question in Kentucky’s legislature

Wesley Morgan, owner of four Liquor World outlets in Kentucky, was pleased when a state legislative committee approved a bill to let liquor store owners transport alcohol across county lines.

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