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Cousins’ emotional first hug since pandemic goes viral

See the emotional first hug since the pandemic hit between cousins in eastern Kentucky that has gone viral.

Deaf woman’s social media post goes viral, raises awareness

Lexington, Ky (WTVQ)-- As a deaf woman, Kimberly Fugate has faced adversity her whole life. "I do everything just like everybody else does, the only...

Photos appearing to show a baby buried in shopping cart go viral

Photos taken by a customer in a Walmart in South Williamson went viral after appearing to show a baby buried under merchandise at the bottom of a shopping cart.

Lexington Police “Family Matters” video trending online

Lexington police officers are trending on social media.

Lexington McDonald’s responds to criticism over viral video

The owner of a Lexington McDonald's says a viral video showing a manager asking a woman to leave the restaurant doesn't tell the full story.

Lawrenceburg man goes viral after asking for help over Walmart intercom

The video of Forrest Hunter asking for help over the Walmart intercom has gone viral.

WATCH: Lexington Police Officer doing the ‘wobble’ during community event

During a community event at Speigle Park Saturday, a Lexington Police Officer joined in and danced the wobble with other children in the park. The dance was all captured on video and has gone viral.

Suspect with attention getting mug shot speaks out

A teenager accused of driving around Lexington while firing a gun made his first court appearance Tuesday.

Attorney: United passenger treated in Chicago

The man dragged from a full United Airlines flight is a Kentucky physician who was convicted more than a decade ago of felony charges involving his prescribing of drugs.

Louisville Woman’s Racially-Charged Rant Goes Viral

A rant from a Louisville shopper is getting nationwide attention after a bystander videotaped the incident and posted it on YouTube.
Rant, Jefferson Mall

Jefferson Mall to Ban Woman for Racist, Vulgar Tirade

The Jefferson Mall in Louisville is banning a woman caught on video screaming racist and vulgar insults at another holiday shopper.

Georgetown PD share photo of officer, man praying

A Georgetown resident posted a picture to Facebook of an officer who appears to be praying with a man.

Star of Lexington PD “Running Man Challenge” talks about viral video

More than 24-hours after posting its "Running Man Challenge" video to Facebook, Lexington officers are soaking in the viral fame, after patrols of course.
Traffic Ticketvideo

Lexington “traffic stop” gets national attention

A photo of a young driver and a "traffic stop" is getting nationwide attention.

Baby is super happy about cat

Furry? Soft? Cuddly? What's not to like?
ABC36 currentvideo

Bike ride gets real creepy, real quick

A man bicycling in Australia finds his place at the top of the food chain may not be as secure as he thought.

Fast-food worker praised for feeding disabled customer

One simple act of kindness is getting a lot of attention.

Local video goes viral after snowstorm

Looking to warm up from winter with some laughter, a Lexington man makes a video, not expecting the attention it would gain.

2 dads turn simple playtime into viral video

Two local fathers, who have been best friends since the eighth-grade, shot an adorable video of playtime with their babies. The silliness has since gone viral.

School Closing Video Goes Viral

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of "Let it Go," head of Providence, Rhode Island's Moses Brown school, Matt Glendinning, send out a special school closing message for parents.

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