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McConnell: Reopening economy, developing vaccines key in COVID-19 fight

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the focus now must be on reopening the U.S. economy and developing vaccines for the coronavirus.

State: Doctor’s wife mishandled vaccines, caused outbreak

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure says a Mount Sterling doctor allowed his unlicensed wife to mishandle vaccines, causing an infection outbreak in patients across Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Free Hep A vaccines available this week

Dayspring Health has partnered with the City of Williamsburg and the Whitley County Health Department to provide a free Hep A vaccine for any resident of Kentucky who is at least 19-years-old.

Hardest-hit counties to receive more hepatitis A vaccines

More vaccines are heading to counties hit by hepatitis A outbreak.

Vaccines – Frontier Nursing University 9-16

Dr. Julie A Marfell, with Frontier Nursing University, sits down with Lauren Gawthrop to talk about the importance of vaccinations.

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