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Life after COVID-19? A futurist predicts future of restaurant industry

People have had a lot of questions during the pandemic. One of the most common? What will life after COVID-19 look like?

From the ‘Thinker’ to TikTok dances, Louisville students graduate

The marching band performed via videoconference. And Rodin’s iconic “The Thinker” statue appeared in students’ living rooms for photo opps.

Louisville football signee shot and killed in Florida

Louisville football signee Dexter Rentz Jr. was shot and killed in Orlando Saturday night, according to police.
University of Louisville U of L Cardinals

University of Louisville receives $4 million federal grant

The University of Louisville received a nearly $4 million federal grant to support its apprenticeship program.
University of Louisville U of L Cardinals

Kentucky House approves $35M loan for hospital acquisition

A bill passed in the Kentucky House that would loan the University of Louisville $35 million to support its acquisition of a health care system.
University of Louisville U of L Cardinals

Officials announce initiative to attract more teachers

Kentucky's largest school system has teamed up with the University of Louisville to start a teacher residency program.

Health system plans to hire nearly 400 nurses, doctors

The University of Louisville plans to hire almost 400 nurses and doctors to improve access to care at former KentuckyOne facilities.

Report: Son of mass shooter arrested for indecent exposure again

A man who has been arrested several times for indecent exposure is accused of committing similar crimes on the University of Louisville campus.

Bill to assist UofL with acquisition clears House panel

Kentucky lawmakers have started advancing a proposed $35 million state loan to help the University of Louisville with its purchase of Jewish Hospital.

Kentucky vs. Louisville rivalry bobblehead unveiled

The fierce in-state rivalry between University of Kentucky and University of Louisville is now available in bobblehead form.

Secretary of State Pompeo visits University of Louisville

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says some Latin American nations are taking a “sharp turn toward democracy, capitalism and good government” in an address at the University of Louisville.

Secretary of State Pompeo to speak at Univ. of Louisville

Pompeo will be a guest of the McConnell Center’s Distinguished Speaker series.
University of Louisville U of L Cardinals

Astronomer to speak about Hubble Telescope at Ky university

A former director and astronomer emeritus of the Space Telescope Science Institute will speak about the Hubble Space Telescope at the University of Louisville this month.

Astronomer to speak about Hubble Telescope at Ky university

Robert Williams will deliver the annual Bullitt lecture in astronomy at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 31.

UofL official faces tough questions on hospital deal

A University of Louisville administrator has faced tough questioning from state lawmakers delving into details of the school's plan to purchase financially ailing Jewish Hospital.
University of Louisville U of L Cardinals

Trustees approve university’s plan to purchase hospital

UofL trustees approved the transaction at a meeting on campus Wednesday.

Don’t stop the presses: UofL studying printing solar panels

The University of Louisville has won a $1 million grant for researching the manufacture of thin solar panels by repurposing printing presses.
McConnell: US not trying to start war with Iran

Protesters interrupt McConnell remarks at Kentucky event

Nearly a dozen protesters stood up Monday at an event at McConnell's alma mater, the University of Louisville.

Lawsuit: Comments on transgender treatment led to demotion

Medical professor is suiing the University of Louisville saying he was demoted over his comments on how to treat transgender children.

Former VP candidate Tim Kaine to speak in Louisville

Former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine will be in Kentucky next month to speak at the University of Louisville.  

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