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Richmond-based aid agency prepares to layoff half its staff

Kentucky River Foothills Development Council is prepared to cut staff in the event it does not get a grant it needs to fund the Head Start program.
Western Kentucky University WKU

Western Kentucky University cuts fewer staff than expected

WKU president says the staffing cuts to make up a budget shortfall will be slightly less severe than initially anticipated.

Fort Knox gains personnel, Fort Campbell sees minor cut

Army officials say Fort Knox in Kentucky will gain 67 personnel and Fort Campbell will see a reduction of about 360 military positions under a cost-saving plan to reduce the active-duty force by 40,000 troops over the coming two years.
Money GFX

KSU’s budget includes personnel cuts

Kentucky State University President Raymond Burse has outlined plans for next year's $45.8 million operating budget, which includes faculty and staff cuts and a tuition increase.

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