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Protesters hold ‘die-in’ at Fayette Mall, call for LPD chaplain’s firing

Protesters continue to call for greater accountability of Lexington Police officers and an end to police brutality and racial injustice.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” says Midway mayor; Declares Juneteenth official holiday

Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift signed an executive order Wednesday that recognizes the day.

LPD: Twenty people arrested during Saturday night’s protest

Lexington Police say 20-protesters were arrested Saturday night, including three sisters who have organized many of the demonstrations.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky: Strong words about Floyd’s death

Paul referred to George Floyd's death as murder

Men in suits march in honor of George Floyd in Cincinnati

Several Northern Kentucky men of color and supporters donned suits Saturday morning for a demonstration in Cincinnati.

Richmond sees first major police brutality protest since George Floyd’s death

Over 100 people gathered Saturday afternoon in Richmond for the first major rally there since George Floyd's death in Minnesota almost two weeks ago.

8 days of protests in a row in downtown Lexington

Friday night protests continued throughout downtown Lexington marking the eighth day straight of demonstrations.

Breonna Taylor ‘change’ petition tops 3 million signatures

Online virtual rally slated Friday for Taylor's birthday

Day 6 of police brutality protest in Lexington

Protestors marched in downtown Lexington for the sixth night in a row.

Unity prayer held in Winchester in response to deaths of Breonna Taylor and George...

A unity prayer was held Wednesday night in Clark County.

Peaceful protest in downtown Danville on Tuesday

A peaceful protest was held Tuesday night in downtown Danville as demonstrators called for an end to racial injustice, police brutality, racism and discrimination in America.  

Young people lead protest march in downtown Lexington

A younger generation led a protest march through the streets of downtown Lexington on Tuesday night.

Lexington Police officers join protesters during march downtown

This is the fourth night in a row protesters have marched through downtown, chanting, carrying signs and demanding an end to racial injustice.

Former Pres. Barack Obama puts out guidelines following protests

The former president wrote about how to use this moment to make "real change."

The Latest: Independent autopsy for Floyd expected Monday

Attorney Ben Crump announced plans to commission the family's own autopsy.

Lexington Police kneel with protestors Sunday, order kept during peaceful protest

A powerful turning point for many protestors Sunday night was when Lexington Police officers knelt in solidarity with the crowd.

Peaceful protest in downtown Winchester on Sunday

People lined a portion of Main Street in downtown Winchester on Sunday afternoon protesting what they called police brutality.

Governor Beshear calls for peaceful protests and social distancing

Governor Andy Beshear called for peaceful protests across the state in the wake of demonstrations in Lexington, Louisville and other communities that began late last week.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office schedules city response to George Floyd

In response to recent events involving the death of George Floyd, the Sheriff's Office schedules an announcement Saturday morning.

‘Solidarity against police brutality’ protest in Lexington Friday

A 'Solidarity Against Police Brutality' protest is scheduled in Lexington, according to organizers.

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