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Couple explains experience with newborn baby during COVID-19 pandemic

Charlie Gorum was born on March 30th at the University of Kentucky hospital. A joyful, life-changing event for his mom and dad during a time when everyone's life seems changed by such a fearful event.

Hospital has 22 labor and delivery staffers pregnant at same time

Nearly two dozen labor and delivery hospital staffers were all pregnant at the same time this year at St. Elizabeth's Healthcare in Edgewood.
UKPD Logo 2016, University of Kentucky, Police

UK expands program to treat new moms for addiction

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - The University of Kentucky is expanding a program to treat female addicts who have recently given birth. A statement from the...

Jailer: Inmate gives birth in cell, baby doing well

A Kentucky jailer says a pregnant inmate has given birth in her cell and the baby is doing well.

Kentucky teacher goes in labor, delivers baby at school

A Kentucky teacher got an unexpected surprise by giving birth during school.

Louisville Zoo announces birth of Saharan addax

The Louisville Zoo is announcing the birth of a Saharan addax.

Kentucky receives “D” grade in premature birth report

Kentucky has earned a “D” grade on the 2015 March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card.
Jean-Marie Lawson Spann

Kentucky ag commissioner nominee delivers healthy son

Democratic agriculture commissioner nominee Jean-Marie Lawson Spann and her husband, Bobby Spann, are announcing the birth of their first child.

Winchester Police: Mother Arrested after Giving Birth, Putting Baby in Garbage Bag

A Clark County mother is in jail. Police said she tried to put her newborn in a plastic bag after giving birth in a toilet.

Rare Twin Foals Born In Elizabethtown

A horse breeder in Elizabethtown has really beaten the odds. Danny Benningfield's mare gave birth last Thursday to twin foals.
Bob Hendricks

Fire Crews Help Lexington Woman After She Gives Birth in Bathroom

The firefighters from Station 14 arrived to help a woman after they said she delivered her baby in her bathroom.

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