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State reports more than 300 new COVID cases, death in Fayette County

Total cases top 15,000 threshold.

Total number of coronavirus cases in state nears 15,000

Beshear continues to push safety precautions.

Lexington, Somerset, Richmond, other area residents named to state boards

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Press Release) - Gov. Andy Beshear has made the following appointments to Kentucky boards and commissions: -- appointed Paul Durham of Manchester to...

Virus update, Juneteenth recognized, number of restored voting rights tops 175,000

Almost every county in the region reporting cases again

Big Friday numbers balance out two-day COVID-19 total

Testing expanding next week.

State’s coronavirus numbers remain stable

Governor continues to push 'Healthy at Work rules

Signature cutting more than 100 jobs, blames state; governor responds

Company says state hasn't shared some federal funds

Retail, restaurants to be able to go to 50 percent later this month

Data steady enough to allow expanded opening

Governor talks protest message, jobless update, no special session

90 percent of jobless claims processed

Stack questions bar’s actions, numbers still show decline

Stand implores safety, addresses bar, nursing home issue

Judge denies protest injunction, four appeal decision (read documents), Saturday event can proceed

A federal judge took under advisement a request for a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of Gov. Andy Beshear's order against mass gatherings

UPDATE: Hearing next week in protest lawsuit

A federal judge gave attorneys for the state until Tuesday to file a response and set a hearing for May 21 to possibly decide whether to temporarily block the state's ban on mass gatherings.

Targets set for restaurant, campground, movies, child care openings

After starting slowly with health care this week and some manufacturing and construction Monday, Kentucky's economic reopening could begin in earnest starting May 22, under a plan unveiled Thursday.

Despite other rulings, Nicholasville church sues over state order

Saying the ban on in-person gatherings as it applies to churches doesn't meet "the Lord's requirements," a Nicholasville church has sued Gov. Andy Beshear over the ban.

No joke: Tupac Shakur needs unemployment benefit

Tupac Shakur lives in Kentucky and needs unemployment benefits to pay his bills.

134 new cases, eight deaths; state starts discussing ‘new normal’ toward reopening; school decision...

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - The number of new coronavirus cases in Kentucky were not as high as feared Friday and the number of people...

New coronavirus cases include 10-day-old, almost 1,000 have recovered

Kentucky confirmed 159 news coronavirus cases Thursday, including a 10-day-old child in Lincoln County, and seven deaths, which pushed the state total to 129.

88 news cases, seven deaths; Beshear dismisses ‘open now’ protests

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - With a noisy crowd (listen to the attached video) chanting and protesting outside his briefing room, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear...

11 deaths, including first health care worker; 177 new cases; no word on schools;...

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - The number of new coronavirus cases in Kentucky caught up with the weekend lag Tuesday, Gov. Andy Beshear said, reporting...

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