Put the power of a local broadcast television station on your side!

No other advertising medium can reach as many people at one time than broadcast television! Broadcast television reaches over 300,000 homes in the Lexington Marketing area, with no cost to local viewers.

The Power of combining Internet and Television

  • The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet, delivers a powerful “1-2 punch” that no other local media can match. WTVQ drives viewers to for the latest news, weather, sports and consumer information.
  • WTVQ offers local advertisers the opportunity to reach a targeted, local audience with integrated on-air/online campaigns. We possess an unmatched power of promotion, driving viewers from on-air to online and back again.

Our goal as WTVQ’s Sales Team is to help our clients connect with potential customers and develop their businesses through creative marketing using the two most powerful advertising mediums ever created, broadcast television and the internet. Contact us today and let us earn your business! 859-294-6063 or







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