Kentucky Democratic Party calls for pandemic voting methods to be used again in Nov.


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)-The Kentucky Democratic Party says it wants to see mail-in voting and no-excuse early voting again in the November election.

“Holding an election in the middle of a global pandemic is a complicated and difficult process. I think everyone involved should be proud of the results today. Thanks to Gov. Andy Beshear, we had massively expanded mail-in voting and no-excuse early voting for the first time in history, and the result was record-breaking voter turnout. We look forward to continued mail-in and no-excuse early voting for the November election with the hope that today’s election can better inform the process for number and location of polling places.

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While we won’t fully know the results of today’s primary until June 30, one thing is clear: Kentucky Democrats are engaged, excited, and ready to make their voices heard this November,” Ben Self, chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said.