Lexington police officer tests positive for coronavirus, worked protests June 10


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington Police officer has tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-isolating at home, the department said in a release.

And while the officer is an investigator without regular contact with the public as a patrol officer would, he did work downtown protests the night of June 10, according to the department.

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That means he would have had contact with the public.

“The officer took the test after a family member began experiencing symptoms and tested positive. The officer is currently asymptomatic and has been self-isolating at home for several days,” the department said in a release.

“This officer works an investigative assignment and does not have regular or frequent contact with the public like a patrol officer would.  However, he has – like most sworn personnel in the department – worked during the downtown protests. The officer’s most recent protest assignment was Wednesday, June 10,” the release continued.

“The department will continue to monitor the condition of the affected officer and those he may have been in contact with.”

City and state officials have advised people participating in the downtown protests in Lexington to take advantage of the free coronavirus testing opportunities in the city because of the potential for exposure.