Tates Creek’s Miles Thomas headed to play for Idaho State


LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – If you’ve gone to a Tates Creek football game the last two years, it was a common sight. Luke Duby hitting Miles Thomas over the top for six. Now Thomas has decided where he’s going to play college football.  He is headed to play college ball for Idaho State. So, why Idaho state? Thomas says it was his last opportunity to play college ball. And yes…he knows how far away it is.

“I was really kinda like timid. I was like I don’t know, it’s far,” said Thomas. “Then I had to start thinking it’s not what other people think and just either way I’m going to be away somehow so a plane ain’t gonna take that long.”

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Thomas is the son of former Miami Hurricanes receiver and Kentucky wide receivers coach Lamar Thomas. While having a dad who won two national titles can create pressure, he felt he was a hooper. It wasn’t until his quarterback Luke Duby finally talked him in to playing.

“I was so caught up in basketball and Luke was like you gotta play and I was like, nah! I didn’t freshman year and I regret it so much,” Thomas says. “And I thank him for getting me to play because I love it.

Tates Creek Head Coach Jonathan Smith likely thanks Duby as well. The Duby-Thomas tandem led the Commodores to semi-state last year. He says we’re only seeing the beginning of what Thomas can do.

“A lot of people have overlooked that Miles has pretty much only been playing football for two years,” said Smith. “Last year was really his first year ever being a starter. And he moves into his senior and has a phenomenal season so I feel like the sky’s the limit for him if he wants to. If he keeps focusing in the right areas and putting forth the right work, I think the sky’s the limit for him.”

The idea Thomas can get better is scary. He finished the season with 1,797 receiving yards; that was the highest in the state. Being the state’s leading receiver meant a lot to him.

“It meant everything to me. Somehow it didn’t mean everything to all the other coaches like recruiting wise. I could be even better if I would’ve just shut up sometimes,” said Thomas. “There were times, I went hard this year, but I could’ve did better. I could’ve been all in more.”

What does the future hold for Thomas?
If it goes as planned, then everyone will know who Miles Thomas is.

“I want my name to be known. And I want people to see, oh wow he really is making something of himself,” says Thomas. “And all those people that said I wasn’t good enough I want them to see. It’s just bettering myself though really though. I want to become the best version of me, but I do want the doubters to see.”