Lexington police releases body cam video of two teens detained by mistake


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington Police released on Friday the officer’s body camera video from an incident at Chase Bank this week. Police are accused of being too rough on two teens who were mistaken for fraud suspects.

The video from Tuesday shows a Kentucky State Police trooper try to put handcuffs on the male teen and it leads to a scuffle where the teen’s head is pushed to the ground with the trooper’s knee to his neck.

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The teen, 18-year-old Preston Slone, can be heard saying “I can’t breathe,” before the trooper lets up on his neck.

Police says they were following a lead on a fraudulent savings bonds investigation when they detained 19-year-old Elena Perez and Slone outside the Chase Bank on Richmond Road.

According to investigators, Slone was cashing a similar amount of savings bonds, as a suspect did at banks earlier on the same day.

Slone had actually recieved the bonds as a graduation present from his family. His grandmother came to the bank while he was being investigated to validate the bonds.

Police released video from five different officers in total.

Prior to Slone being handcuffed, an officer asked Perez to get out of the car. She refused and asked why she was being asked to get out of her own car. That’s when the officers forcibly removed her from the car and took her to the ground to handcuff her.

Police say, the teens’ unwillingness to cooperate didn’t help the situation.

Officers say while the teenagers were detained, investigators working with the bank, discovered the two were not connected to the fraud case, and the teens were not charged.

Both teens suffered minor injuries and are planning legal action against the officers’ involved.

Lexington Police says it’s reviewing the officer’s actions.