Abolishing no-knock warrants, creating civilian review board to be discussed, mayor says


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – During a community discussion Saturday morning, Mayor Linda Gorton said there will be a committee meeting on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of abolishing no-knock warrants and the creation of a civilian review board for police.

Before the discussion, protesters in Lexington did a morning march that began at 8 a.m.

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They walked more than three miles – starting from the police station on Main Street and ending at Southland Christian Church to join in on the discussion with the mayor.

Other panelist included Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers, activist and artist Devine Carama and a local pastor.

Weathers was initially a part of the march, but after a confrontation with protestors, he had to ride in a car the rest of the way to the church.

At the main event, the audience asked several questions, ranging from specific changes they want made in the police contract, to how to close the wealth gap in the city.

It wasn’t an easy-going event though; panelists were interrupted by protesters who often spoke over them.

Protest organizers said they were frustrated because they handed in many of their demands more than a year ago, and they say they haven’t seen much action.

In an emotional speech, Weathers said he is “tired of people getting killed for no reason,” and it’s possible that changes might be made to the police contract.

Protest organizer Damon Davenport Jr. says he wants more than promises.

“What I hope to see come from this conversation today is that their policies are incorporated into what we want as far as being fair, as far as being equal,” Davenport said. “You all took an oath to protect us.”