Protesters march for the third night in a row in downtown Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Protesters calling for racial justice marched for the third night in a row in downtown Lexington on Sunday.

Lexington Police once again were out in full riot gear as a precaution.

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The crowd initially gathered at the Justice Center Plaza at the corner of Main Street and Limestone Street. The protesters left the staging area marched through the streets of downtown while chanting, “I can’t breathe” and “say their names,” among other things.

They have a specific set of demands for Lexington police; they want to see changes in accountability, such as, who pays to defend police and how officers are punished.

There was really an effort Sunday night to keep the peace with protesters policing each other.

One woman, Gabrielle Williams, spoke to the crowd and called on other young people to keep the protest non-violent.

She says Lexington police has not used tear gas or other aggressive force, as seen in other cities, so she says violence isn’t necessary. However, she says if it reaches that level then their approach might change.

Williams said she is protesting to pay homage to her past while working toward a better future.

“I feel an obligation to do this because this is what my ancestors did,” Williams said. “We can’t let what they did go in vain.”

Williams also said while she hasn’t experienced police brutality first-hand, she has brothers whose safety she fears.

Another protestor, 74-year-old John Wesley Williams Jr., says he’s dealt with racism with whole life. He says he has four male grandchildren, and he often gives them cautionary tales based on his experience with police.