KY democrats point to resurfaced tweets, call on Maddox to resign


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky democrats want a Republican representative to resign. They say Savannah Maddox of Dry Ridge emboldened the protesters who hung a likeness of Governor Andy Beshear from a tree.

House democrats say they want their republican counterparts to censure, or formally reprimand, Representative Savannah Maddox from Dry Ridge.

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House democrats say Maddox’s speech at a rally earlier this month added fuel to the fire.

“The symbol of a noose, rope and hanging should be offensive to all Kentuckians,” said Representative Derrick Graham, a democrat from Frankfort.

Democrats say they condemn the actions of several elected officials who spoke at the capitol, but they say Maddox was at the forefront. They say she distinguished herself with tweets now going around on social media.

Many are from about five years ago before Maddox became a lawmaker. In one from 2015, Maddox’s said to have written President Obama isn’t black, a topic that shadowed the entirety of his time in office.

That same year, Maddox reportedly tweeted about homosexuality – placing blame on the LGBTQ community for childhood sexual abuse.

Maddox said she’s not responsible for the Sunday hanging.

“I found out who this gentleman was on Sunday like the rest of Kentucky did,” Maddox said. “I think that I have become the focus of that blame probably because I have been a vocal critic of this administration’s handling of COVID 19.”

In a statement, Maddox addressed the resurfaced tweets.

“There’s nothing that says we can’t have a better understanding of the power of both our words and social media as we have more experiences. These words didn’t define me then, they certainly don’t define me or my record of service today,” Maddox said.

But House democrats are skeptical. They say Maddox’s words are harmful and make it hard for the House to work together on issues that would move Kentucky forward.