‘Cat Cafe’ coming to Georgetown this fall


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – A cat café is coming to Georgetown, Ky. this fall, marking the first in central Kentucky and the fourth in the state.

“We are very excited to be bringing this concept to the Georgetown & Lexington area,” said Jennifer Judd Hoskins, one of Central Purrk’s partners.  “We’re lucky to be partnering with City Roastery, Lexington Humane Society and Scott County Humane Society, and are confident that this will be a successful venture.”

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Cat cafes have been around for many years, originating in Tokyo in 1998. They have recently gained popularity in the United States the past five years, with about 113 now in the United States.

“A cat café is part coffee shop – part cat adoption center.  Visitors can come to the café for some great coffee and baked goods and can visit cats in the cat lounge,” Judd said.

“We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes that the community will help us make this dream a reality. We’ve found the perfect location for the café in downtown Georgetown and are hoping to get some help with the building of the cat lounge area of the café,” Judd said.

The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $25,000, which will go towards the build out of the cat lounge area, furnishings for it and modifications needed to for the space.

Adoptable cats from the Lexington Humane Society and Scott County Humane Society will occupy the cat lounge area of the café, which is a separate, completely enclosed space.

Visitors can reserve time in the cat lounge and the admission fee will be $12 per hour, per person, or $6 for 30 minutes, per person.

The cat lounge provides a “free roam” area for the homeless cats and allows visitors to see their true personalities in a more realistic environment.

“It’s really hard to see a cat’s true personality in a cage in a shelter.  This environment allows the cats to be relaxed, move around freely and seek affection from our visitors at will.  Our hope is that someone falls in love with one and wants to adopt it, but we also encourage people to come in, grab a coffee drink and just spend time in the cat lounge.  It’s truly a relaxing environment – for the cats and humans.”  Judd said.

The cat café has partnered with City Roastery, a local micro coffee roaster based out of Georgetown, to provide specialty coffee drinks for the café side.

“Our customers have wanted us to open a café for some time, in addition to just providing locally roasted coffee beans on a wholesale basis,” said Michael Euler with City Roastery.  “The fact that we are such huge animal lovers makes this the perfect partnership for us.”

Visitors can take drinks (in covered, disposable cups) into the cat lounge, but no food will be allowed.  In addition to specialty coffee drinks and teas, the café will offer beer, wine, and local baked goods and food items from local restaurants.

Central Purrk will also host special events like Yoga with Cats, Trivia Nights, Beer & Wine Tastings, and offer birthday or other party packages.

All cats are adoptable directly from the cat café, and 100% of the adoption fees will go to the respective humane society.  The adoptable cats will be spayed or neutered, up to date on their vaccines and be microchipped.


Source: Central Purrk Cat Cafe