Woodford County woman overcomes coronavirus


WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – We hear about the coronavirus every day. Governor Andy Beshear gives his daily news conference and outlines the number of cases and deaths due to the virus.

We are often told these aren’t just numbers, they are people.  Woodford County’s Rhonda Bowman is one of those people.

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Her first thoughts when she found out she had the COVID-19 virus was “you’re going to die.”

But she didn’t, Rhonda bowman is a survivor. She says had felt sick for sometime but her and her husband had been self-quarantined. Once at the hospital the doctors decided to test her for COVID-19. “It turned out positive and no one could have been more shocked than my family was and no one else in my family has it either.”

Her time in the hospital was tough only able to talk to family through phone calls, “it’s certainly a lonely experience, extremely lonely experience.” Bowman said the doctors and nurses were so busy at times they didn’t have time to stick around talk.

She’s out of the hospital and still recovering at home, but has a message for other coronavirus survivors when it comes to Plasma donations, “once I’m well I can donate

plasma and I said that’s just the very thing to do, because that won’t take any effort or energy and it will help. So that’ has been a crusade for me.  To make sure that people who have has the coronavirus will realize how important it is to give plasma.”

She has had two negative tests and no in her family tested positive but she explains that just people knowing she had COVID-19 has been hard, “except for my family I still feel a stigma, I feel people are still leery to come around me.”

The good news though is her views on the virus has changed from when she first contracted, “you will get through this is it not, absolutely not a death sentence.”