Black Friday shoppers say it’s less about the deals more about the tradition


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving every year and with it comes yearly traditions.

For many, it’s a way to save money, but for some, it’s a reason to get together and make an experience out of it.

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“I’ve been asking my whole life to go Black Friday shopping,” Trinity Harding, a first year Black Friday shopper said.

For the brave, they stay up all night to get the most of the deals.

“With a couple energy drinks I can go as long as I need to,” said the Howard twins.

Shirley Richie waits in front of Fayette Mall every Black Friday.

This year, she won an Apple Watch in the doorbusters surprise black envelopes.

She joked, she’ll share her Aerie giftcard, but not the watch, that’s all hers.

Along with the waiting in line outside the Fayette Mall before 6 a.m., people often where their holiday gear.

Sisters Aleisha White and Ashley Beadle and their cousin Tasha Reynolds wear matching shirts every year, but that’s not the only tradition.

“We pack our car with lots of turkey and ham and rolls and we just roll with it,” Beadle said.

Because, of course, snacks are necessary when you stay up all night long.

Black Friday isn’t the only day you can find deals, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are another fun excuse to exercise your wallet.