Activists want justice after video of teen-officer altercation


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington community group is demanding justice and change within the Lexington Police Department after an incident involving two off duty officers and an autistic teenager at Fayette Mall.

Police say it began when a group of teens wouldn’t follow the officers’ orders.

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That led to a physical confrontation between police and the teenager.

Now, a video is spreading across social media that shows one of the officers punching the autistic teen.

Lexington Police say the video does not show the full story of what happened and that the 16 year old hit one of the officers in the face, injuring him.

Only one of the two officers had a body camera on, but police say it did not record.

The co-founder of the activist group, Cooperation Lexington, reached out to the teen’s family.

The group wants justice and is hoping to get that by sending a list of nine demands to the city including the Mayor, the police department, and Urban County Council.

Some of the demands include public acknowledgement of the names and and officers involved, the resignation of the officers, and a new requirement that would make every officer wear a body camera to record their public interactions on and off duty.

“We want a civilian that is not in any way associated by the police department or been employed by the Lexington police department to be in charge of internal affairs so we can ensure there is further accountability,” said Sarah Williams, Cooperation Lexington Co-Founder.

The police are encouraging anyone who was a witness, has video, or information from the scene to reach out.

Police continue to investigate but did not make a statement regarding the demands.

The activist group will be meeting tomorrow evening on the Fayette Circuit Courthouse Lawn to push for their demands.

To visit the Cooperation Lexington Facebook page, click here.