Books And Beyond-Joseph-Beth Bookstore: Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Speaker 1:                           Welcome to Books & Beyond here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore. This is such a fun place here. I’m with my friend here, Michael Link, events manager, and we’re talking about last-minute gift ideas. I know for me just walking through this store it’s really easy just to say, “Oh wow, I didn’t know they had this.” You guys have so many different things here, not just books, of course, but also great gifts as well.

Michael Link:                      Yeah, we really focused, too, on kind of having something for everyone, but also remaining really Kentucky-centric. So a lot of … you obviously can see we’re in front of an enormous Wildcats display. But anytime you need something, whether you have an hour to browse or five minutes to run in, we pretty much have you covered.

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Speaker 1:                           Yeah. And it’s well laid out, too. ‘Cause I like how you have from local authors to UK things, to even you can find gifts for Dad or gifts for Mom or gifts for the kids, so it’s really easy, too.

Michael Link:                      Yeah, some of the stuff I really love right now is, the first one, a local book. Obviously, a lot of people know Old Friends, but we have a book, The Art of Old Friends that’s really spectacular. There’s a lot of paintings of horses and the farm and everything in that.

Speaker 1:                           Very cool, yeah.

Michael Link:                      So again, local books, something that are perfect for holiday gifts. Stocking stuffers, a lot of people, obviously, are familiar with Hamilton and know Lin-Manuel Miranda. This is an illustrated version of the tweets he sends out. Looks a little bit like Shel Silverstein with some of the illustrations inside. It’s a spectacular book that you can grab, put in pretty much anybody’s stocking, and go forward.

Speaker 1:                           Yeah.

Michael Link:                      And aside from just, you know, Kentucky and shopping local and local product, we also have, obviously, a lot of book product as well. Here’s something from the Literary Tea Collection. That’s actually Lewis Carroll’s Black Tea Blend. Obviously focused in thematically coming from the tea party. So a little something for everybody, regardless of what you’re interested in: books, Kentucky, you name it-

Speaker 1:                           Yeah.

Michael Link:                      -we have it.

Speaker 1:                           I love how you guys are invested in the community. This is such a community store, and you really feature a lot of local authors as well, so a lot of great things here. So thanks for joining us today on Books & Beyond.