Books & Beyond – Joseph-Beth Booksellers: Brontë Bistro


Jason Myers:                     Welcome to Books and Beyond here at Brontë Bistro at Joseph-Beth Bookstore. I’m with my friend, Sean Gibboney, General Manager here.

Sean Gibboney:                Hi.

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Jason Myers:                     Sean, we’ve had a great time already just hanging out this morning talking. You guys have great coffee, excellent food, so it’s not just a bookstore, of course. This is a great place to gather, to hang out with friends, with family.

Tell me a little bit about some of the exciting things you guys have going on. You’ve got a lot of things getting ready to change here soon. This is pretty neat.

Sean Gibboney:                There is a lot. Yeah. This is my first week here, so I just finished my first week. I’ve gotten to see a lot of the things that we have here. We do have the wonderful bookstore. You can get all your Christmas presents and books, whatever you need, next door. But we offer not just great food, but brunch on the weekends, lunch, and dinner. We also have a gallery room that anybody can rent out for holiday parties or group gatherings. They just have to call ahead and advance book that.

We also-

Jason Myers:                     It’s just really neat and quiet in there too.

Sean Gibboney:                Oh, it is, yeah.

Jason Myers:                     I mean, it’s just this whole place that could make [crosstalk 00:00:57]

Sean Gibboney:                Its own lighting, quiet from the rest of the room. We have different outskirts out of the restaurant too, so if you need a quiet place to sit down and read, absolutely. We’ve installed some quick charging stations for our tech-savvy people, so they can get everything charged up while they’re enjoying a nice book.

Jason Myers:                     What I think is great too is this is the type of place you can come for a nice date. You can bring the family, or just hang out. Like you were saying, do some work.

You have some beautiful views around here. I mean, just the windows-

Sean Gibboney:                Absolutely.

Jason Myers:                     I know they can’t really maybe see that right now, but some of the windows are really neat.

Sean Gibboney:                Sure. Right behind us, we have a beautiful view of the lake where Lakeside Live happens. You get to look out over that. We’re actually going to be opening a verandah in the spring that’s going to overlook that. It’s going to have seating around the outside so we have a beautiful view, a nice place for a special anniversary date or a daddy-daughter date night, or just something super fun.

Jason Myers:                     Yeah, that is really neat. Tell me also about bakery. You have that going on as well, and yeah.

Sean Gibboney:                Sure. We partnered with Miracle Bakery. It’s a gluten-free, and they also offer some vegan options, so everybody can come in and have a snack and you don’t have to worry about what food allergies you may have. We’re going to be, in addition, putting a lot more vegan and gluten-free items on our menu, with our new menu rollout coming up in the spring.

Jason Myers:                     That is exciting, so you’re going to have some great food as well, and some exciting new foods. If you haven’t been lately, come on by. Of course, great food, a great place to hang out, great books, great gifts, so there’s just so much to offer here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore.

Sean Gibboney:                There is. There’s tons.

Jason Myers:                     [crosstalk 00:02:23] good bistro. Yeah. Well, thanks so much, Sean.

Sean Gibboney:                Absolutely.

Jason Myers:                     Really appreciate it.

Sean Gibboney:                Thank you so much.

Jason Myers:                     Thank you guys for joining us today on Books and Beyond.