Family of murdered Clinton Co. 3-yr-old speaks out


CLINTON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Bulubenchi family is speaking out after losing their three-year-old daughter, Josephine.

Emanuel Fluter, Josephine’s uncle, is accused of cutting her throat Saturday.

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She passed away at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital Sunday.

“She was a very outgoing little girl,” says mother, Simona. “Just had a speed of life and full of life.”

Josephine, known as “BeBe”, was the parents’ youngest girl of nine children total.

Ben, Josephine’s father, describes the car ride to the hospital around two that morning.

“The kids were crying and they didn’t see much cause the lights were off,” says Ben. “I kept the lights down and I was going fast and we were praying, everybody was praying.”

“I was hoping to get there as fast as we could because she was bleeding so bad.”

Fluter had been staying with the family for sometime, but he did not live there.

They say he was great with the children and had never shown any violent tendencies.

On the night of the incident, Ben heard the screams from a baby monitor, ran into the kids’ bedroom where he found his brother-in-law with a large, kitchen knife in hand.

Ben cut himself trying to take the knife away from Fluter.

“He said ‘What did I do, what did I do?’ and then after that he started screaming and stuff,” says Ben. “But for that moment I realized it wasn’t him.”

The family says Fluter suffers from a mental illness and they believe he did not know what he was doing during the attack.

Josephine’s parents say they are not angry with him at all.

“I don’t like all the negativity against my brother because that was not him,” says Simona.

Ben and Simona say what’s getting them through right now is God’s embrace.

“I believe this is all God’s will,” says Simona. “He let it happen and it’s for a reason.”

“I mean it wasn’t planned from God,” says Ben. “It was accepted for her to be up there I guess.”

They say they know she’s in Heaven, and a friend told them about a vision he had had of Josephine being walked by angels into the gates of Heaven. They say she was in the prettiest white dress with the biggest smile on her face.

“That’s when the voice of God told him Josephine came here a little early but with time everybody else will come,” says Simona.

The parents say all the children know where Josephine is and they can’t wait to join her in Heaven someday.

They say Josephine will forever be in their hearts.

“She’ll be in our hearts,” says Ben. “These wounds, even when they heal you still have the scars.”

The family has a viewing scheduled for Wednesday night in Albany for close friends and family.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family transfer her body to Michigan to be laid to rest right by her cousin.

You can donate here.