Books & Beyond, Joseph-Beth Booksellers: Staff Picks


Jason Myers:                     Welcome to Books and Beyond here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore, and I’m with my friend here Michael Link, Events Manager, and we’ve got a lot of fun things going on here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore.

Michael Link:                      That’s true.

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Jason Myers:                     I think one thing when you come here to the bookstore sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what book to get. You don’t really maybe know as far as what’s the newest, greatest book. We’re actually in the new book section right here, and one thing that I think is really neat is you have staff picks. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Michael Link:                      Yeah. The biggest thing that we have as sort of a competitive advantage over shopping online, or something like that, is that each one of our booksellers that walk around know books. They love books. This is what they do, so the staff pick section is the new book that they’ve read. It could be an old book that they discovered for the first time that they loved,. They wrote a little review of, and they want to highlight it for our customers, so we have them not just in this one section, but kind of throughout the store too in different sections. As you walk around, you’ll see little shelf talkers written by our booksellers.

Jason Myers:                     And also, of course, this time of the year I know a lot of folks are thinking about gift ideas. I’ve got some avid readers in my family. Got any recommendations just as far as some books that you would recommend for different types of readers?

Michael Link:                      Sure. There’s a lot of big ones right now. Now is the time where the really big books by big authors or well-known people come out. Joanna Gaines has a new book. Next week Michelle Obama’s memoir comes out. We have a lot of those books. The Justin Timberlake is very popular, but what I want to kind of focus on a little bit more are maybe some of the things that aren’t on the cover of every People magazine.

Jason Myers:                     Okay. All right. Yeah.

Michael Link:                      One of the big ones that just came out which is incredibly popular with people of all ages, obviously Harry Potter. We have the Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts. It’s this beautiful new book that as soon as you open it, you’re immediately greeted by Hogwarts Castle, and as you kind of go through it, it’s just incredible.

Jason Myers:                     Oh, wow.

Michael Link:                      The paper engineering is amazing. The craft is amazing. And considering that Harry Potter fans age anywhere from young kids through adults this is an incredible book for the holidays and something that people will continue to love. Another book that we’re currently in love with, obviously a lot of people who work in the bookstore big readers, big sort of book nerds ourselves, is a new one called A Thousand Books to Read Before You Die, and each little book is highlighted. A little bit of history about it, a little bit of history by the author, but what we love is if you look up a book that you really love in here, Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, something like that, it’ll have a little bit of history and then something else that you can move on to, to read next.

Jason Myers:                     That’s great. Well, you guys have so many great recommendations, and that’s the great thing about coming here. You can get something to eat, you can buy some great gifts, and of course, buy some of the best books, and it makes it so easy when you can actually see some of the recommendations from the actual staff that have read the book and can tell you a little bit more in-depth. Thank you for joining us today on Books and Beyond.