Books & Beyond: Joseph-Beth Booksellers


Jason Myers:                     Welcome to Books and Beyond here at Joseph Beth Bookstore. I’m with Amanda Connor in charge of all the kids’ department here. And Amanda, you have the fun job of course. You guys have, of course, kids books and a lot of them but also gifts and a lot of gifts as well. What’s great is you can actually come and see a lot of the gifts here in person.

Amanda Connor:              You can. We have all the major brands. We have Calico Critter, Playmobile, Jelly Cat Plush and our good friend, Melissa and Doug for all different age groups. Our department is divided up with little kids and big kids and we really have something for birth all the way through the ‘tween years. So you can go and get everything here and we always have toys that go along with books, educational toys, things that are purely just for fun. If you’re at a loss for where to find the best toys this Christmas, we pretty much have everything here.

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Jason Myers:                     What I love too is you have everything from ukuleles to board games. We were talking about board games earlier. You had some recommendations as well. Any hot gift ideas right now or great items that you’ve found really popular?

Amanda Connor:              The big things for this fall, as far as gift stuff, are the games, family games especially, cooperative games, things that get your whole family involved in playing a game. We’ve been talking about a game called Scotland Yard, which is like a spy game. For little kids, stuff like balls and pretend play toys like we’ve got down there, the safari animal set, because those sorts of toys and gifts get kids thinking creatively but they also use their hands to manipulate things so you’re doing like the whole body, getting it involved in the play so that is a really important part of childhood and sort of getting ready for school and stuff like that.

Jason Myers:                     You guys have a lot of fun activities here as well. Just talk a little bit about that real quick as far as just you guys offer story time and things like that.

Amanda Connor:              During the week we have a toddler time that we do on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 and every Saturday at 11 we do something different. The Lexington Children’s Theater is one of our great friends and they come and do performances with us. We have all kinds of stuff going on every Saturday at 11 so you can check that out online and find out.

Jason Myers:                     Great, Amanda. Thank you so much.

Amanda Connor:              You’re welcome.

Jason Myers:                     A lot of fun here at Joseph Beth Bookstore, thanks for joining us for Books and Beyond.