Books and Beyond “Community Partner”


Jason Myers:                     We are here, back at Joseph-Beth Bookstore, for Books & Beyond, and also with the CEO, Adam Miller, and you’re the new CEO here. What’s great about this bookstore is, as you were talking earlier to me, this is a local bookstore. It’s all about local. There’s so many things that you guys do for the community, and it’s exciting the way that you guys give back. Talk a little about just some things going on here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore.

Adam Miller:                      First of all, Joseph-Beth was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 1986, so we’ve actually been serving the community for over 32 years. We are very much a local business. Inside our bookstore we focus on local authors and local artisans in our gift area, so when you shop Joseph-Beth you’re also shopping locally, and supporting local businesses as well.

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On top of that, we also support the community through the school book fairs. We provide over 45 book fairs in the local school districts where young students can come in, and buy books, and learn to have the love of reading. We know that when youth start reading at a younger age, and have a passion for reading they actually excel as young teenagers, and adults. Part of those proceeds from those book fairs actually go back into that actual school district to reinvest in those students, and the community.

Jason Myers:                     That’s great.

Adam Miller:                      The other piece I’d share with you is that we actually have our Gives Back rewards program, so when you purchase from Joseph-Beth, and you’re a Gives Back member not only do you save money on your purchase, but a percentage of your purchase actually goes back local nonprofit charities to support the local community of Lexington.

Jason Myers:                     Wow, that’s great. You guys do so much here for the community, and I think one nice thing about it is this is just a great place to come hang out. It’s part of a community whether you just want to come to get something to eat, whether you want to come to maybe the latest local books, or even buy get especially during the holiday season, so there’s just so much they can do here.

Again, this is a great time of the year, of course, to come to Joseph-Beth Bookstore. They’ve got a lot of exciting things going on.

Thanks for joining us today on Books & Beyond.