Books & Beyond: Joseph-Beth Booksellers


Jason Myers:                     Hi, and welcome to Books and Beyond here at Joseph-Beth Bookstore. I’m with my friend, Courtney Ryans, local buyer here for Joseph-Beth Bookstore. This is a great time of the year, of course, to think about others and maybe giving some great gifts.

Courtney Ride:                  Absolutely.

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Jason Myers:                     You guys have some awesome gifts, not just being a bookstore, of course, but you’ve got some great ideas. These are some of the samplings of what we have. But, what’s great about these gifts is, a lot of it’s local or it celebrates a lot of local things. Tell me about what do you guys have over here?

Courtney Ride:                  Sure, absolutely. We are super proud, and we’ve been in business over 32 years, and we’re rooted here in Lexington, and we try and work with as many artists or vendors who are in the area who can bring us their great stuff every week. We carry always-

Jason Myers:                     Ah, chocolates.

Courtney Ride:                  Woodford Reserve bourbon balls.

Jason Myers:                     Bourbon balls, okay, yeah.

Courtney Ride:                  Made here in Mount Sterling.

Jason Myers:                     Awesome.

Courtney Ride:                  These are very cool, Kentucky ties.

Jason Myers:                     Yeah, I love these ties. I could really use some ties like this on-air, so that is-

Courtney Ride:                  There you go. Supporting, always new and fun.

Jason Myers:                     That’s really cool, and it says KY on it for Kentucky, that’s awesome.

Courtney Ride:                  It does, it does. That’s Barrel Down South, who also brought us recently some awesome stockings.

Jason Myers:                     Stockings. You’ve got the commonwealth right here, the bourbon barrels-

Courtney Ride:                  Bourbon barrels.

Jason Myers:                     … right there with Santa’s hat. Awesome. Very cool.

Courtney Ride:                  Yeah, so this season we’re always getting in new things, we have cutting boards from TG Designs, Appalachian artist. We also have fun horse items. For friends who have moved away out of town, a great place to come to get things for them as well.

Jason Myers:                     Yeah, and I know you can’t, of course, there’s not smell vision here on TV, but it smells great as well. You’ve got some great products to smell.

Courtney Ride:                  Yep.

Jason Myers:                     Awesome. Looks like candles as well.

Courtney Ride:                  Candleberry.

Jason Myers:                     Anything that you’d recommend there?

Courtney Ride:                  We love our Candleberry candles. They are a classic, and we always have the best new fragrances. So Candleberry is always a staple and a good one to come in for.

Jason Myers:                     Yeah, and I think what’s neat here is there’s always something going on at Joseph-Beth Bookstore. I mean, there’s activities. But, also as you were saying, they get new gifts coming in almost every week, is that right?

Courtney Ride:                  Every week. We are unpacking constantly. We get really excited to see what comes out every Tuesday, there’s something new. So all season long stop in.

Jason Myers:                     What’s great about is yeah, you can come check out some great books, grab even some food, or even grab some great gifts as well.

Courtney Ride:                  Yeah, absolutely.

Jason Myers:                     You can just kind of do it all here at once. Okay.

Courtney Ride:                  One stop shop.

Jason Myers:                     Yeah, thanks for joining us today on Books and Beyond.