Montgomery County family narrowly escapes flash flooding


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- People in Montgomery County are beginning the clean-up after Sunday’s flash flooding damaged dozens of homes and businesses.

On Sunday morning, Mary Taul says she was where she always is at that time.

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“I was at home and I was asleep,” said Taul.

But this time she was awakened by one of her sons.

“Tell me that the water was already up to the back end of my car,” said Taul.

Taul lives just a few hundred feet from Hinkston creek in Mount Sterling.

She says when she looked outside she saw the water rising.

“A gush of water come down from somewhere and it came so fast we didn’t have time to really get nothing together or barely even get ourselves out,” said Taul.

At it’s peak the Taul’s say they water was more than six feet high destroying everything here on their first floor.

“It got up on top of that couch because thee whole back of that couch is wet. It stopped at the top of the landing, got to the top of the landing,” said Ralph Taul, Mary Taul’s son.

Despite the damage, Mary Taul says she’s pushing forward.

“All we can do is look at it and do the best we can in dealing with it,” said Taul.

Taul’s sons say they’re going to try to repair the house but for now Taul will be staying with one of them.

Something she says makes everything feel okay.

“All I can say is I just feel blessed and blessed that I have children that can see about all this while I sit here in this car and don’t have to get out and do it,” said Taul.