Family complains of bed bugs in their hotel


Mount Sterling, Ky. (WTVQ) – A family from Georgia came to Kentucky to visit a sick relative. After no sleep, several cleaning bills, and losing all of their clothes they now have to turn around and go back home. They say it’s because of bed bugs at their hotel in Montgomery County.

Lisa said she woke up next to her husband at Days Inn and he was covered in bites all over his body, when they spoke to the hotel manager, he said he wasn’t returning their money.

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“He wakes me up and says he’s itching and I look at his back and there is big whelps on it so I knew something was wrong and I looked in the beds with my phone with the light and I was looking and started seeing the bedbugs so I started taking pictures and recording them.”

Lisa said that’s not how she planned for her trip to go.

“I went down there and wanted our money back so we could go get a different room and he refused and I called him back to the room, I wanted to show him the pictures and the videos, he would not look at them he would not have it. He said it happens all the time, it happens all the time.”

This made Lisa concerned because they were so close to a hospital. She was afraid the bed bugs could spread to someone ill. She said she instantaneously called the health department.

“Yes this is Buddy Wilson from the Montgomery County Health Department in Mount Sterling Kentucky. I got your message about the bed bugs I saw the video and all of the good stuff so we are going out today. We are going to quarantine those rooms and they will have to have them cleaned up okay, we will take care of the problem and sometimes the owners of these place are a little less than friendly, just I’m sorry that it happened. We will take care of the issue.”

But the hotel manager said he isn’t aware of any bed bugs. He was gone and another employee was in charge when the health department arrived.

“We checked the room, they didn’t find the bed bugs and my employee went in there and can you show us the bed bugs? Didn’t find any and my employee said can you show me the pictures if you find the bed bugs, they said no no you guys have bed bugs, so I don’t know where the health inspector find the bed bugs.”

Lisa said she spoke with the health department. They arrived on scene at the Days Inn and they said 18 of those hotel rooms are currently being quarantined for bed bugs.