Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Honored for Saving Man’s Life


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)-Franklin County’s Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Shaka Bridges address a crowd at the Franklin County Fiscal Court House, “Mario Chavez is a hero, make no mistake about it when I tell you that.”

The crowd gives a standing ovation for a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy honored for his quick thinking when a fellow employee needed him most.

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Deputy Chavez says, “It feels great, you know, being recognized. But I don’t think I’ll feel like a hero till he finally comes home.”

Last Friday, Certified Court Security Officer, Deputy Mario Chavez, was escorting Electronics Technician Brian Sudduth to the restricted section of a judge’s office to do some computer work. Suddenly Sudduth collapsed hitting his head on a bookcase.

Chavez says, “He went from red to blue to purple. I mean he completely changed colors.”

Sudduth was having a heart attack. Deputy Chavez stepped in and started performing CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Lieutenant Bridges says, “Deputy Chavez was very concerned about this gentleman and he wouldn’t stop. He kept saying stay with us, stay with us, and he wanted this gentleman to live as we all did.”

On Tuesday, Sudduth underwent quadruple bi-pass surgery.

Sudduth says, “I was the luckiest man on earth that day.”

He couldn’t be at the ceremony because he’s still recovering in the hospital but he’s looking forward to thanking Chavez in person for saving his life.

“I’m not emotionally ready to do it yet. ‘Course with the surgery just happening I wasn’t ready to do that. So I sent him a text message letting him know that he and I will have that day sitting down and talking together.”

Just two weeks ago Deputy Chavez completed his first-aid training. Training that was quickly put to the test that made all the difference.

Deputy Chavez says, “The first thing I did was just stay calm, you know, and do as much as I can for this gentleman because the life was on my hands.”