Scam Alert Involving “Juvenile Delinquents”

The Sheriff’s Office in Bourbon County said it has received numerous complaints about a phone scam which claims to be from the Sheriff’s Department or the Department of Juvenile Justice. The callers are said to have a lot of private information about their targets.

Officials said the scammers have their victims’ names, addresses, social security numbers, and other personal information about them and their families.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the callers claim they have an underage family member in jail and they need money to bail them out.

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During calls where the scammers claim to be from the Sheriff’s Department, they reportedly tell the victim they have a subpoena for a form of debt, but if the person sends the caller money, the subpoena will go away. They may also threaten the person with jail time if they don’t pay.

Officials urge anyone who may get one of these calls to do the following:

1) Don’t send the caller any money.
2) Contact the police or Sheriff’s Office.
3) Check your credit reports. Since the callers have quite a bit of information already, they could be using it against you.

The Sheriff’s Department said it will not issue any sort of notice over the phone. Any paper work will be delivered in person and with proper identification.