Man in Richmond Charged with Stalking and Assault

Jason Cole
A tip about a domestic disturbance led to an arrest of a husband who allegedly broke a Domestic Violence Order and then tried to break his wife’s car window after following her, according to Richmond police.

Shortly before 7:30 Monday night, officers were sent to a home on Hawthorne Drive to look into the reported disturbance. When they got there, they discovered 30-year-old Jason Cole had allegedly hit his wife with a stick and then told her it would get worse if she called the police.

Police said Cole then left their home, and after officers left the residence, Cole’s wife reportedly called them again, saying Cole was following her.

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Officers said she pulled into a Speedway on the Eastern Bypass, where Cole allegedly tried to break her car window with his fists.

That’s where police found and arrested him.

Cole was charged with violating a Domestic Violence Order, assault, terroristic threatening, and stalking.